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Be Enchanted By Our Newport, RI Suites

The Empire Room

Styles in this room originated in France under Napoleon's rule. Adorned with imperial Roman ornamentation and decoration, this enchanted Newport hotel suite features an oversized bath with triple showerheads and a luxurious King sleigh bed. Since empires have control over many and large areas of land, this room is the only room in the mansion that stretches from front to rear. While staying in this suite near Easton's Beach, consider the following tailored activities to complete your stay.

Visit Thames Glass

Visit this studio to watch the art of glassblowing, or take a class. Glassblowing was a large part of the Roman Empire and continues to play a significant role is places such as Murano (Venice, Italy). 

Visit The Naval War College Museum

The French Empire period reflects the stretch of French influence over much of Western Europe achieved during the Napoleonic Wars. Visit one of fifteen official museums operated by the United States Navy, under the direction of the Naval History & Heritage Command and in co-operation with the Naval War College. 

Enjoy a Butler Drawn Bath

While the lower and middle classes of France may not have had the most prosperous life during the French Empire, the aristocracy certainly were able to enjoy life's pleasures. Napoleon I created titles of nobility to institute a stable elite in the First French Empire. Live the life of a Duke for the evening and enjoy a butler drawn bath complete with rose petals, essential oils, and champagne.

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