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The Team Behind Our Fine Dining in Newport, RI

The Executive Chef

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Blending international experience with New England roots, Executive Chef Jacob Jasinski brings world-class culinary skills and a storied experience to Cara and The Café. Chef Jacob's initial interest in food and culinary came from trips he took with his father at a very young age. Chef's father showed him how to correctly identify the best quality of fish and bread with the freshest ingredients during their visits to small shops throughout New England. Once he was older and eligible for a job, he was presented with an opportunity to wash dishes and the atmosphere of a kitchen and restaurant drew him in for life. 

While pursuing a career in the hospitality field, Jacob has undergone a classical path of training including working in prestigious hotels such as The Ritz Carlton Buckhead as well Relais Chateaux properties like the White Barn Inn.  In an effort to continue perfecting his craft, Jacob would spend time staging in several Michelin-starred establishments both nationally and abroad. Chef found his time spent staging in France particularly enlightening as he learned about the country's deep history with food and their respect for each and every ingredient. Since then, he has held high-level positions at prominent properties throughout the country, including Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas.  After years spent honing & traveling Jacob has returned to New England to share all that he has learned. "Whether our guests select a blind tasting experience at Cara or a more approachable menu in The Café, the time spent dining with us is remarkable with the finest quality ingredients, along with a focus on impeccable guest service."

“I grew up exploring small produce shops and farmers’ markets in Rhode Island; and while my culinary experiences have taken me all over the world, New England has always been home,” said Executive Chef Jacob Jasinski of The Chanler at Cliff Walk. “The Chanler is an icon in the region and Cara, though much newer, has already started to follow suit.”

The Cara Team

The team behind Cara is comprised of a talented group of professionals with genuine care for the guest experience. Many have joined the team from Michelin star backgrounds around the world to bring diversification and excitement to the nightly changing blind tasting menus and award-winning beverage lists. From the entire front-of-house team to the culinary epicenter a passion for hospitality can be seen on each plate presented. 

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