90-minutes with a private photographer at The Chanler or at a local location of your choice.

Film & Photo Shoot Policy

at The Chanler

Not Allowed

  • Commercial photography or video shoot is not permitted at The Chanler without express written consent from hotel management. 
  • Our first priority is the experience of our guests so we have a strict policy against the use of any of our facilities and grounds for unauthorized professional or commercial photography or videography including pre-nuptial, engagement, and weddings that are not reserved through our sales department.


  • Guests may shoot non-commercial photography or video for their own personal use (with no professional equipment, lighting, etc) in their room or on the property but must respect the privacy and well-being of other guests in the area. 
  • Professional photography/videography will only be allowed if The Chanler marketing manager has given permission before the shoot. All photography/videography requests will be reviewed and approved based on occupancy, availability, and content. 

Kindly note that unauthorized professional photographers/videographers who are not guests of the hotel will be asked to leave the hotel property immediately. Requests to use any area of the hotel as a location for commercial photo shoots or filming, as well as a special occasion/ wedding shoot should be directed to the Marketing Department. These photo/video shoots are subjected to site fee rentals and a strict schedule that must be approved by management. 

For photo/video shoot requests, please email the marketing department at anney@thechanler.com . For social media influencer and press requests please contact thechanler@jpublicrelations.com.