A Hotel Near Newport Historic District

Georgian Room

Our hotel near Newport historic district invites guests to retreat to the late 18th century. The Georgian Room celebrates the time periods under the rule of leaders named George and features the "Golden Age" of English furniture with styles from William Kent, Robert Adams, and Thomas Chippendale. Be greeted by a green-medallion marble foyer before sinking into your California King bed. The room also features a jetted tub, cozy fireplace, and three-bay windows perfect for watching the sunrise. While enjoying our Newport, Rhode Island accommodations, consider the following tailored activities to complete your stay.

Take a Walk through the Newport Historic District

The area is filled with buildings from the Colonial and Georgian Periods. Look for Brick Market Place and the Old Colony House--both brick buildings. These buildings from the early 1730s show the influence of the Georgian style then being popularized in London by Sir Christopher Wren. The Old Colony House and the Brick Market stand at opposite ends of Washington Square, then known as the Parade, and were meant to make it the kind of dignified public space found in English cities of the period. Stay at our Newport historic district hotel to experience another time with us.

Visit Bannister's Wharf

During the Georgian Period, the Wharf John Bannister built was the social and commercial lifeline to Newport, the connector between an active harbor and an enterprising, young town. Today it is home to numerous boutique stores and several restaurants and is still a bustling center in Newport. Much of Newport's fortune was made from Rum so enjoy a "Dark & Stormy" rum drink at the Clarke Cooke House in Bannister's Wharf.

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