A Residential Hotel Near Marble House

Greek Revival Room

Stay in a residential-style Newport, RI hotel near Marble House that embodies the Greek Revival style. Offering a sumptuous Queen bed and a crackling fireplace, the room showcases breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean from a glorious walkout deck. 

American architects of the Beaux-Arts generation often returned to Greek models, which had a strong local history in the American Greek Revival of the early 19th century. The Greek Revival was an architectural movement of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, predominantly in Northern Europe and the United States. Despite the unbounded prestige of ancient Greece amongst the educated elite of Europe, there was minimal direct knowledge of that civilization before the middle of the 18th century. An expedition in 1751 to Greece, followed by the publications of The Antiquities of Athens along with Julien-David Le Roy's Ruines des plus beaux monuments de la Grèce (1758) was the first accurate surveys of ancient Greek architecture. This led to a newfound interest in Greek Architecture, thus Marble House's Beaux-Arts style was representative of an elite, well-traveled, educated owner. 

While staying in this elite hotel room near Newport mansions, consider the following tailored activities to complete your stay.

Visit Marble House

Among hotels near Marble House, The Chanler is a convenient choice. Nearby, guests can explore the site's Beaux-Arts style, featuring Corinthian columns on the facade and murals of Greek goddesses within the house.

Visit Newport's International Tennis Hall of Fame

While the Greeks were not playing tennis at the first Olympic Games in Greece, they were certainly ecstatic about sporting competitions. Visit this grass tennis court and tennis museum open year-round celebrating the great champions and leaders of the sport. It also hosts the annual Tennis Hall of Fame Championships and is part of the ATP Tour. The tournament is the only grass-court event in North America.  

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