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Regency Room

Explore Rhode Island history by staying in one of Newport's famed mansions on the Cliff Walk. Be transported to a time period known for "leisurely pursuits" between the reigns of King George III through the reign of King George IV. Where a gentleman's day would have been filled with adventures in hunting, shooting, fishing or philanthropy on his estate, a lady’s day would have been filled with relaxation. Increased separation between the workings of house and estate and the landed gentry meant that women were increasingly left without a role and boredom was a luxury indeed.

Regency, a royal gem among accommodations in Newport is certainly fit for kings and queens with its plush King bed, silk curtains, a jetted tub, and a relaxing deck with ocean and garden views. While indulging in this regal room, consider the following tailored activities to complete your stay and embark on an exploration of history in Rhode Island.

Admire Jewelry Fit for Royalty at Three Golden Apples 

Located within walking distance of The Chanler, Three Golden Apples offers selections from some of the world's most famous jewelry designers and many of their own spectacular creations.

Explore the Cliff Walk

After breakfast, we suggest you take a leisurely walk along Cliff Walk just outside your room. Embrace the independent spirit of Jane Austen's most feisty heroines by taking a long walk without your hat and get your skirt muddy if you feel so inclined. Feel like you're in the age of leisure, just like royalty.

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